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In the Seacrest videos below, learn about:
(1) How you can use humor as a stress reliever, (2) basic steps you can take to improve your health, and (3) exciting success stories from Seacrest patients that will teach and inspire you.
What is health and how do you keep it? Learn about seven basic questions to ask yourself every day to help determine your longterm health.

Dr. Rogers talks about handling stress with humor. How does learning to laugh at yourself and life situations improve your health? How can humor help you with anxiety and depression?

Dr. Rogers and Leslie talk about her brain function issues caused by a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Leslie talks about how her pain and memory issues have improved while working with Dr. Rogers.

Dr. Rogers and Michelle talk about the treatment that improved her focus and memory, decreased her anxiety, and ultimately led to her functioning much better at school.

Dr. Rogers talks with a patient about her experience with memory loss and how her treatment at Seacrest has improved her life.
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