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The BACK SAFE and SITTING SAFE programs inspire workers to use their bodies correctly to reduce physical wear and tear and the possibility of injury. We train and motivate personnel on how to prevent back, neck, and other sprain/strain and repetitive motion injuries. This helps reduce workers' compensation costs.
Onsite chair massage relaxes and revitalizes, restoring mental clarity and alertness. Workers sitting at a computer all day are prone to mental and muscle fatigue which leads to errors and loss of productivity. Onsite chair massage improves efficiency by reducing workplace stress. Make a chair massage program part of your employee wellness or benefits package.
Pre-employment physical. You can reduce the number of back, neck, and repetitive motion injuries by screening out potential employees with pre-existing conditions. The pre-employment physical helps identify those who have experienced these injuries in the past and are prone such injuries in the future. Our confidential written report helps you make wise hiring decisions.
We offer drug screening for job applicants and existing employees. Drug screening immediately after a workplace accident or as a random measure assures a drug free and safer workplace. Urinalysis screening for cocaine, marijuana, and opiates is temperature controlled to prevent false results.
Injury treatment program. Seacrest offers chiropractic treatment for neck and back pain, complete x-ray facilities, massage therapy, acupuncture treatments, nutritional analysis, and rehabilitation training.
Your employees are your most valuable asset.
When employees are unproductive due to back and neck pain, repetitive motion problems, or drug and alcohol problems — it costs you money. When your employees are injured on the job — it costs you money.
Dr. Rogers has the expertise and experience to educate your employees in workplace safety and to evaluate and treat most Workers' Compensation back injuries and repetitive motion injuries.
Don't wait for the craziness of an emergency. Call today for a confidential evaluation of your situation.
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